The six special conditions that Nurse Joy and her two assistants Chansey and Blissey treat are :-







They treat these with the following medicines


*Ice heal

 *Paralysis heal


 *Burn heal

Berries that cure status conditions are in the list below.

 *Cheri Berry cures Paralysis

*Chesto Berry cures Sleep

*Pecha Berry cures Poison

*Rawst Berry cures Burn

*Aspear Berry cures Freeze

*Persim Berry cures Confusion  




 And I also know that there are other conditions that anybody's Pokémon can get like colds low body/skin temperatures fever shallow breathing and also if a Pokémon has physically injured it self the trainer of the Pokémon should get it to a Pokémon centre as fast as they can otherwise the Pokémon's condition could get worse. There will be list of medicines and equipment to heal the following symptoms below wet cloth oxygen mask thermometer heater cough medicines bandages band aids monitors needles potion super potion hyper potion When eletrtic Pokémon like Pikachu for example if it hits something that has to much electricity before battle or if they get strapped to an electro magnet we call this symptoms of electrical discharge fever this can also make them confused and if the problem gets worse their body could explode that's why when you start to see this happen to your Pokémon get it to a Pokémon center  and get Nurse Joy treat it or if you are in a city or town that does not have a Pokémon centres like little root town for example go to Professor Birch's lab and get him fix it.