Excerpt from: Pokemon, P., 2016. Encyclopedia. Hachette Children's Group.

(Page 27)


Where do Pokèmon come from? The true origins of Pokèmon have yet to be revealed, but all trainers know that Pokèmon normally hatch from eggs. 

Pokèmon eggs are usually the same size and shape, regardless of species -- it's the patterns on the eggs that hint at the species of Pokèmon within. Eggs are surprisingly hardy, capable of surviving some bounces and jolts. Gentle loving is always preferable. An egg is ready to hatch once it starts to glow.

Did you know?

Similar to the Pokèmon Nesters, Pokèmon Egg Raisers take care of both their own Pokèmon Eggs and the Eggs they've received for safekeeping. In Hoenn, May and Ash visit and Egg Nursery that's as big as a veritable farm, housing five large barns FILLED with Pokèmon Eggs!

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