Excerpt taken from the Pokèmon Encyclopedia book.

Pokemon, P., 2016. Encyclopedia. Hachette Children's Group.

(Page 26)


Many Pokèmon communicate using a variation of their name or the entire name spoken with inflection an emotion. Still other make sounds that aren't discernable, but they are still clearly communication. But there are some that speak our language.

Very few Pokèmon have language skills that can be interpreted by humans. Even Ash mostly guesses what his Pokèmon are feeling, and there are a few Pokèmon that have bridged the communication gap and actually speak to humans. They fall into two categories: telepathy and real language skills.

 Of course, Meowth is the most talkative of all Pokèmon. He has been used by Ash and others to interpret for a hurt or scared Pokèmon, and often shows that he's more than willing to help any Pokèmon in need. 



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