The Beneficial Virus (Taken from Page 202 - Diamond & Pearl Pokèdex)

- Microscopic to the eye, you might not even notice that your Pokèmon has Pokèrus. But the clerk at the Pokèmon Centre will notice, since they're a Pokèmon healing professional and all. But it's not like having a cold or flu, - in fact, the effects are only beneficial. It becomes easier for your Pokèmon to stats to increase, making it stronger and more effective in battle. Pokèrus goes away in a few days, but the beneficial effects will last forever. You can spread it to your other Pokèmon simply by having them all in the same party together. This is a virus that none of them will mind catching.

  • Stats will increase when the Pokèmon has Pokèrus.
  • When Pokèrus passes, a small smiling face will appear.

Pokèrus Does A Body Good (Taken from Page 326 - Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Strategy Guide)

- Pokèrus is a curious, microscopic life-form that Pokèmon sometimes catch from the wild. It doesn't harm your Pokèmon, but it does make all of its base stats grow more quickly. If your Pokèmon manages to catch it, you'll want to spread it around your team for a great boost. The virus can spread to any Pokèmon that are positioned next to the infected Pokèmon on your team - if you do end up with it in your team, the clerk at the Pokèmon Centre will make note of it when you drop your Pokèmon off form some care. Pokèmon recover from the Pokèrus virus in a few days, meaning that it can no longer infect other Pokèmon, but the base stat boosting effects will stay with that Pokèmon forever. An infected Pokèmon will not recover while it is resting in your PC box. It's therefore wise to keep an infected Pokèmon in your PC box and to take it out occasionally to spread the virus to future team members.