• - Diancie is the only Generation VI Pokemon and mythical Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution (Currently)
  • Diancie is tied with Carbink for having the highest base defense of all Fairy Types, with a base stat of 150.
  • Mega Diancie has the highest base stat total of ALL Fairy Type Pokemon and is tied with Mega Tyranitar for the highest base stat total of all Rock Type Pokemon.
  • Mega Diancie also has the highest attack stat of all Fairy Type Pokemon and the highest special attack stat of all Rock Type Pokemon.
  • Tied with Deoxys, Diancie has the lowest HP base stat of all Legendary Pokemon.
  • Diancie's origins as a mutated Carbink is reflected in it's near identical moveset and learn rate, though it learn Trick Room in place of Power Gem.
  • Mega Diancie is commonly referred to as "The Royal Pink Princess", because of it's beauty.
  • Born from a Carbink that undergoes a mutation.
  • Instantly creates diamonds by compressing the carbon in the air; these diamonds can be use for self defense.
  • Diancie can absorb light with a perfect balance and emit a radiance that looks like nothing in the world.
  • According to legends it can protect it's travel partners from accidents and illnesses.
  • Diancie is the only known Pokemon that can learn Diamond Storm.



Diancie first appeared in Diancie - Princess of the Diamond Domain which is set before Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. 'She' is yet to make another appearance in an episode.


Diancie is a gray, sylph-like Pokemon with a white chest and arms - resembling a dress. It's headress consists of pink crystals, four short ones cresting along the top, pointing upward and two long ones on either side of it's head pointing downward with a diamond cut centrepiece, framed by it's slim gray ears. There is also a smaller pink crystal embedded in the back of it's head and a gold nugget in it's forehead. It's eyes are red with pink irises. Around it's neck there is a gold crescent with it's ends joined by a rhomboid gem. The lower half of it's body resembles a large oblong shaped chunk of stone with a large pink crystal protruding from one side of it.


The same colour scheme is retained for Mega Diancie but instead it has a dress like structure made up of pink gems and a larger chunk of gem replacing the large chunk of rock. The rhomboid gem becomes rounded, with two smaller gems growing from it at the bottom. More gold pieces support the large diamond on the lower half of it's body. The centrepiece becomes heart cut instead of a diamond cut. Two ribbon like structures appear from the two small gems on the back of it's head, these ribbons are tipped with two floating rhomboid gems on each ribbon. THe two long pink crystals that were on the back srhink into one, and another two hang from the centrepiece, also tipped with a small floating rhomboid gem each. A large gold crescent circles it's torso, instead of it's neck.

Name Diancie / Mega Diancie
Pokemon #



Diancie - Clear Body

Mega Diancie - Magic Bounce

Gender Ratio
Catch Rate
3 (0.4%)


Egg Group - Undiscovered

Hatch Time - 6630 - 6884 steps

Diancie - 0.7m

Mega Diancie - 1.1m


Diancie - 8.8kg

Mega Diancie - 27.8kg

Mega Stone
Central #151 Kalos
Base Experience Yield
Leveling Rate
Pokedex Colour
Base Friendship