- No other Pokemon has the same type combination as Hoopa Confined.

- Hoopa Confined is also the only Pokemon with a double weakness to Dark and Ghost, due to it's unique type combination. Furthermore, this makes it the only Pokemon with a double weakness to one of it's own types.

- Hoopa Unbound is the tallest Psychic-Type Pokemon and is tied with Mega Gyarados as the tallest Dark-Type Pokemon.

- Hoopa unbound has the highest base Special Attack stat of all Dark-Type Pokemon.

- Hoopa is the only Pokemon to have more than one category

- Hoopa is the only Generation VI Pokemon to have different Pokedex entries between X & Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

- Hoopa Unbound is the only Pokemon with a 680 base stat total that is Mythical instead of Legendary and the only one not related to any other Pokemon.



Hoopa Confined made it's first anime appearance in Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures, a series of shorts where it causes mischief for Ash and Pikachu. It later appeared in Hoopa - The Mischief Pokemon and starred in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. Hoopa Unbound also appeared during the second XY series movie as the main antagonist.

 Name Hoopa (Mischief Pokemon, Djinn Pokemon)
 Pokemon #

 Confined - Psychic/Ghost

 Unbound - Psychic/Dark

 Gender Ratio
 Catch Rate
 3 (0.4%)


Egg Group - Undiscovered

Hatch Time - 30855 - 31109 Steps

Confined - 0.5m

Unbound -  6.5m


Confined - 9.0kg

Unbound - 490.0kg

 Central #152 Kalos
 Base Experience Yield
 Leveling Rate
 Pokedex Colour
 Base Friendship