Pokemon Master Prima

  • A Pokemon trainer is only as good as his or her Pokemon.
  • Trainers badges are simply gifts from their Pokemon, showing how much their Pokemon care for them.
  • Every trainer must learn that losing is an important part of becoming a Pokemon Master. Defeat makes you wiser - if you learn from your mistakes and trust your Pokemon.
  • Listen to your Pokemon. Understand them and feel what is in their hearts.

Trovita Island Gym Leader, Rudy

  • You can improve your Pokemon's attack abilities by training in something completely unrelated to the attack they're using. Dancing, for example, is one of these methods.

Mikan Island Gym Leader, Cissy

  • In the Orange Islands gyms we do a lot more than just have our Pokemon battle each other. Pokemon use their skills to meet challenges.   


Navel Island Gym Leader, Danny

  • Even if you can't be totally prepared for the surprises life has in store, always try to plan where you are going and what you will need before you begin.


World's Greatest Pokemon Expert: Professor Oak

  • To aid a Pokemon in distress you must start by knowing what that Pokemon needs and wants. Pokemon have wills, just as you do. Don't try to bend that will just to suit you. 

Pokemon Trainer, Ash Ketchum

  • To get along with a Pokemon, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is that Pokemon's personality. Every Pokemon is different from every other Pokemon, just like all people are different.