1. Archen is the oldest flying Pokemon in the Pokemon World - Living 100 million years ago!
  2. Dr. Fennael is a Pokemon scientist, who is a Doctor who studies abstracts of Pokemon dreams.
  3. They revive the plume fossil by using dream energy from Musharna.
  4. Professor Juniper is conducting extensive research on the origins of Pokemon.
  5. Due to Archen's inability to fly it's legs are very good at helping it to climb.
  6. The louder Archen's cry the bigger the plants inside the laboratory get due to the sound waves of Archen's voice.
  7. Who's that Pokemon: Archen.
  8. The plants have grown off the roots in the laboratory and out over the window of the laboratory happen to be Archen's favourite food, which is a specific type of fruit that existed 100 million years ago.
  9. Archen evolved into Archeops.
  10. Archeops quickly evades a shadow ball.
  11. Archeops is finally united with other Archeops.
  12. The place in which Archeops lives is hidden in the Unova Region.