1. Ash and the others meet up with another officer Jenny and her assistants.
  2. The Pokemon centers Audino is gone.
  3.  Cilan announces that it is  detective connoisseur time
  4. The three different groups use the three tracking devices to track down the Audino if they go missing.
  5. The group all meet up but their tracking devices have stopped working.
  6. the third Audino went missing when the group found it they realized that it had lost it's tracking device. 
  7. What is that Pokemon: Solosis
  8. They are luring the Audino with sound waves that people can't hear so therefore without the tracking devices the people in the town can't go after their Audino.
  9.   The group come across an abandoned wind farm.
  10. The Audino use a massive group of attacks on Team Rocket and send them outside the building.
  11. Officer Jenny's two assistants were disappointed when they found out that Ash's Roggenrola was the most helpful Pokemon that was used to solve the case of the missing Audino.