Pokemon movie review

The 10th Pokemon movie is the best one I have seen so far. Because Nurse Joy has a bigger part in this movie then any other one she has been in.

This is one adventure filled Pokemon Movie.


  • Team Rocket get hit by a gust attack from a group of Pokemon who are working as assistant Scientists.
  • The big group of Pokemon play in the garden's playground.
  • Buneary accidently used ice beam on Shinx.
  • Tonio is investigating the space time rift.
  • Lickilicky dodges the attack made by Darkrai which I assume may have been Dark Void.
  • Once Ash gets hit by the attack he is seen to be in a nightmare all alone in the garden.
  • Tonio leaves the Pokemon center to investigate the space time more.
  • The second battle between the two legendary Pokemon starts and rages on, a continuation from the first battle.
  • Baron Alberto gets a group of Pokemon trainers to follow him.
  • Palkia is protecting itself because it has been previously injured in his battle with Dialga.
  • The two attacks slowly start to wither away at the city.
  • Nurse Joy and Brock guide the towns people into the garden.
  • The attack hits the balloon and half of the balloon gets destroyed.
  • Dialga uses its attack 'Roar of Time''and Darkrai protects Alice and Tonio.