Nurse Joy's home town or city is unknown to all of us but I might know why that is. I think that is because she works in so many different towns and citys who knows one day we might find out she lives.



  • Nurse Joy (Joi) — A family of Pokémon nurses in the anime, all named Joy, who operate the various Pokémon Centers in the world of Pokémon. Because of their identical appearance, it is often difficult to tell one Nurse Joy from another. The Japanese name, joi, means "female doctor". They often have Chansey nurses. Some can be singled out from the others due to trademark items but there are very few. In Pokémon Yellow, as well as Diamond & Pearl, Nurses resembling Nurse Joy work in the Pokémon Centers. Their English voice actresses are Megan Hollingshead (season 1-6), Bella Hudson (Seasons 7-8), and Michele Knotz (Season 9+10). The only difference between all the Nurse Joys is that each Nurse Joy has a different color for the Red Cross on their hats.
  • Officer Jenny (Junsaa) — A family of police officers who are all police officers in the Pokémon anime, all named Jenny, who maintain law and order in the Pokémon world, often opposing members of Team Rocket. The Japanese name, junsaa, means "police officer". Officer Jennies are often accompanied by Growlithe or a particular Pokémon that is of importance in a town or a personal preference to that Jenny, such as a Wobbuffet or Spinarak. There are also many with trademark items to differentiate some, but are just as few as the Joys. The only differences are the symbols on their hats and their uniforms (which are different depending on their region.) They make an appearance in Yellow, replacing the male police officer, and later to give the player a Squirtle. They are voiced by Chinami Nishimura (Japanese), and in English by Megan Hollingshead (Seasons 1-6), Jamie Davyous Owens (Season 7-8), Diane Stillwell (MoMP) Emily Williams in late Season 9 & Season 10+, Maya Rosewood played her in a Season 9 episode, and Jamie Peacock voiced her in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon. An Officer Jenny trains a rookie detective Marble whose voice actresses are that of Meghan McCracken (English) and Chinami Nishimura (Japanese).