Nurse Joy is not a single entity. Rather, there are dozens and dozens of Joys working at Pokémon Centers across the regions. Nurse Joy's voice actresses are Megan Hollingshead and Michelle Knotz and Bella Hudson As a rule, Nurse Joys are kind, earnest, honest Pokémon nurses who take care of sick and injured Pokémon.

They are not entirely identical, though aside from themselves, it seems that Brock is the only one who can tell them apart. However, each Nurse Joy will have a different color cross on her hat that indicates which location she works at.

Two young Joys named Marnie and PaigeSupposedly, they are all extremely similar-looking relatives - cousins, sisters, etc. However, fans have proposed various other theories has been suggested for the strange phenomenon - everything from time travel to cloning.

There are some notable Nurse Joys that are very different from the others: the muscle-bound kayak-riding Nurse Joy in the Orange Archipelago, for example. On top of that, all the Nurse Joys of the Orange Archipelago have a darker skin tone than the ones found in any other region, probably an effect of living in such sunny weather. Then, there is the Nurse Joy who led an excavation team made up of Machoke, Rhydon and archaeologists to find Kabuto fossils to revive them.

Nurse Joy in a Chansey outfit.Although there are many exceptions, Nurse Joy will generally have Chansey to assist her. In fact, Chansey's evolution added in Generation II, Blissey, appears physically similar to Nurse Joy. Further driving home the connection, Blissey's Japanese name can be taken to mean "Happy Nurse".

There is a very distinct parallel between the families of Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. This may indicate some sort of relation or deeper connection, and fans have sometimes speculated about such. However, the only thing known about the two families is that they are apparently on good terms.

In addition, Nurse Joys give out Starter Pokémon to trainers in towns or cities without Pokémon Professors. Slateport City is one such town.

This listing is for Nurse Joy's usual Pokémon in the anime.

This listing is for Pokémon various individual Nurse Joys have had during the course of the anime.